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For too long, it's been easy to borrow but hard to borrow well.

In the UK, borrowing is a part of life for the majority. Whether that's buying a house or using credit cards or loans to pay for the things we need and want. At ilumoni, we want to help borrowers make borrowing work for them.

Our mission

Hear from our Co-Founder, Jonathan Corner, and discover how and why ilumoni came to be, and our enduring purpose.

How we're making a difference

For some, debt already feels a burden. But research shows that huge numbers of people in the UK don’t even realise that their borrowing habits are unnecessarily costing them money, often leaving them in debt for longer. We believe that greater awareness of how our borrowing behaviours impact what we pay will allow millions to significantly change their relationship with their debt.

Hurried decisions

Urgent needs and easy access to credit means that people don't always think about the true cost of their borrowing.


Too much jargon

People are often overloaded with unclear or confusing information, making it hard to make the right decision.


Time poor

Busy lives and higher priorities allow people to fall into bad borrowing habits, without realising the consequences.


Merry-go-round of debt

High-interest products, mounting balances and shrinking incomes compound the need for further credit.

Campaign for Better Borrowing

We're committed to improving the financial and mental wellbeing of UK borrowers.

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