The ilumoni app

A free and secure financial wellbeing app to help you take control of your borrowing.

The ilumoni app connects your credit report, bank and credit accounts together, analyses your borrowing and repayments and helps you to find new or alternative products, or smarter ways to repay.

Your borrowing status

Your borrowing status summarises your connected accounts, how manageable your debt looks, and your credit score in a single, easy to understand place.

Your insights

You can see your credit cards, personal loans, overdraft balances and mortgages, along with how much you are paying in interest and how long it will take to pay back, all based on your current repayments.

Your nudges

Your nudges show you how to make affordable changes to repayments or switch to alternative products (that you’re eligible for), all aligned with the financial circumstances and goals you shared with us.

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See if you can find smarter ways to borrow or repay, to help clear debts faster. With personalised insights, aligned to your goals.

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Can I take out new borrowing through ilumoni?
How is ilumoni different from a budgeting app?
Will you try and sell me products?
What information do I need to share?
Is ilumoni authorised by the FCA?

You're in safe hands with ilumoni

We were chosen to be part of the FCA's innovation hub, which introduces innovative financial products and services to the market. We're now directly authorised and regulated by the FCA.

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