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Get to know us

ilumoni is an AI-powered Fintech business founded by a team with impressive credentials in financial services innovation.

ilumoni gives insights that unlock better borrowing. A first in borrowing in the emerging Insight-led Financial Wellbeing sector.

Why do we exist?

Millions of people are in the dark about their borrowing.


Many consumers borrow in haste and sleepwalk through repayments, struggling to grasp financial calculations or underestimating the burden of debt in a confusing market, with complex products and poorly presented information. Which can make the total and long-term cost of borrowing difficult to understand in a competitive environment that often exploits people's need for access to credit and short-term affordability.


The result is that large numbers of consumers don’t fully understand their borrowing, are paying more in interest and fees than necessary and carrying debt for longer. Where they do understand, they are often weighed down by the need constantly to manage their borrowing to get the best deals.

We think it’s time this changed. 


We use artificial intelligence, open banking and credit data combined with market information, to provide insights that unlock better borrowing and help people to Borrow Well.


The app provides information about users’ borrowing in one place and helps them take action to improve their financial wellbeing. This includes repayment amounts and highlighting better deals when there are clear benefits. When they switch, they benefit and we make money, but only when its right for the user.

We are customer-sided and want to be their trusted partner for all of their borrowing.

Meet the team

The ilumoni team includes key people behind the launch of the UK’s first telephone bank, internet bank and new wave of digital challengers.


Gary Wigglesworth

Co-founder, MD
Gary was part of the early First Direct team and a founding director at internet bank Egg. In 2006, he co-founded Garlik, an innovative digital identity security start-up that was later sold to Experian. He has over 33 years' experience in Financial Services, Consulting and Start Ups.


Jonathan Corner

Co-founder, Product & Customer Director

Jonathan has lead strategy & innovation teams in challenger banks, incubating and launching new propositions since 2004. Prior to founding ilumoni, he was part of the founding ExCo team that launched recently PRA authorised start-up bank Vive. He also counts Egg, first direct and HSBC in his Financial Services experience.


Andy Gardner

Data Science Director
Andy has spent his career immersed in the value of consumer and credit data, having been part of the HSBC project team that became first direct. In 1999, he founded data science and strategic consultancy Jaywing, helping Egg launch its credit card, and now operating in the UK and Australia with over 400 employees.


Kevin Lancaster

IT & Delivery Director

Kevin has over 20 years’ experience in technology delivery leadership roles within Financial Services, Retail and Banking, spanning both start-up and large corporations and including Zurich Bank and Tesco Bank.



Borrowing & Repayments, Insights, Actions and Nudges

BRIAN is the Artificial Intelligence brain of ilumoni. BRIAN combines Credit, Open Banking and Eligibility data together - creating an unparalleled view of someone’s current and potential borrowing.


Jan Gardner

Marketing Lead

Jan is a leader in brand, marketing and corporate communications. She has held senior, interim and international roles in data science and technology-led environments from start-ups to plc, and has expertise in IP protection, Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services


ilumoni was part of the FCA innovation hub established by the FCA to introduce innovative financial products and services to the market. We are authorised and regulated with FCA holding Consumer Credit permissions and as an Account Information Service Provider.

Our partners

Our carefully selected partners have considerable proven experience in Financial Services, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Fintech.

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Investing in ilumoni

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Funds raised in our current investment round will be used to achieve three key things:

1. Expand our team

2. Progress strategic partnerships

3. Support the full market launch.


The product is developed and at Alpha testing stage. 

HMRC has issued SEIS and EIS Advanced Assurance to Monely Ltd (t/a ilumoni). Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital


Please Invest Aware. Register your interest for early access to our funding round by emailing