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Our report, ‘Borrower confidence, capability and stress: is the UK borrowing well?’ highlights how most UK borrowers aren’t aware of the true cost of their borrowing and, as a result, are paying more than they need to on debt, for longer than is necessary.

Our app is a first in borrowing, in the emerging Insight-led Financial Wellbeing sector, providing users with actionable, personalised insights into their borrowing.

Invest in ilumoni and you'll be improving the financial wellbeing of millions in the UK.

Why we exist

Borrowing is a part of life, but in a world where more than half of UK adults borrow and pay interest, millions don't or can't work out how much their debt costs them or how to improve things.* We think it's time that changed.


Innovative technology

Our app uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse borrowing circumstances and habits, across accounts.


Actionable insights

We don't just show users their borrowing, we provide actionable insights aligned to their goals.


Experienced team

Our team collectively has over 100 years of experience working in the Financial Services sector.

Meet our CEO

Learn more about our co-founder and CEO, Gary Wigglesworth, and what inspired him and Jonathan to create ilumoni.

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Authorised and regulated by the FCA

ilumoni was part of the FCA innovation hub, created by the FCA to introduce innovative financial products and services to the market. We are now directly authorised and regulated with the FCA, as an Account Information Service Provider and holding Consumer Credit permissions.

Investing in ilumoni

Funds raised in our current investment round are being used to achieve the following three key objectives. If you're interested in investing, get in touch today to register your interest for early access to our next funding round.

Expand our team

To help ilumoni grow, we'll be bringing new skills and experience into the team with new hires across the business.

Partner strategically

To raise awareness of ilumoni and our mission, we'll be partnering with other, suitable organisations.

Launch ilumoni

We've now launched the app to market following multiple rounds of testing, and are working to grow our user base.

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*As referenced in the FCA's financial lives report and/or the credit card market report.