Borrow Well.

A free app that helps you see your borrowing in a new light, pay less interest and clear your debt faster.

Take control of your borrowing

ilumoni finds smart ways to repay and highlights better deals, just for you. You’ll never borrow the same way again.

Manage your repayments
To reduce monthly outgoings or reallocate payments to pay less interest, ilumoni helps you figure out what to pay and when.
Simplify your borrowing
Find the right products so that you have fewer accounts to manage, simplify your outgoings and know exactly what you are paying and when.
Clear debt faster
ilumoni will help you manage your debt wisely and spot when and where to switch, so that you stop paying too much interest.
Live debt free
ilumoni will highlight the best credit cards and loans, ensuring you pay as much as you can afford to help you become debt free.

How does it work?

ilumoni looks at your spending, costs of borrowing and credit score alongside the products you are eligible for to suggest repayment amounts and highlight different providers and better products. All based on what you want to achieve.

Meaning you end up with more money and more freedom.


Puts you in control

ilumoni securely connects your credit report and bank accounts together, so you can see how much your borrowing adds up to over time.

Finds smart ways to repay

ilumoni analyses your spending and finds the best way to manage your debt.

Always looking for the best deals for you

ilumoni highlights better deals on credit cards and loans that you're eligible for to help you achieve your goals.

Seriously Secure

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems. We do not sell your data to third parties and are bound by European data protection rules.

You are in control and decide what data to share with the app or not.

Always Free

ilumoni will always be free to use and you'll never be bombarded with advertisements or email marketing campaigns.


We're not a lender and only highlight products to switch to when it's right for you. We never stop searching for bright ideas to help you pay less interest and clear your debt faster.

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