ilumoni. Borrow Well.
A free app that helps you see your borrowing in a new light, reduce the interest you pay and clear your debt faster.
Why ilumoni?

It's time to take back control! For too long it's been easy to borrow, but hard to borrow well. We want to make it easy for people to borrow well. ilumoni helps you see your borrowing in a new light so you can take control of what you owe. With ilumoni you'll never borrow the same way again.

ilumoni. Borrow Well.

What does ilumoni do?

Puts you in control of your borrowing

ilumoni lets you securely connect your credit report and bank accounts so you're able to see everything you owe in one place and understand exactly how much your borrowing will add up to over time. 

Finds smart ways to repay your borrowing

Forget calculations, notes, and spreadsheets. ilumoni analyses your spending and borrowing to find the most cost-effective ways possible to reduce the interest you pay and clear your debt faster.

Always working to save you money

ilumoni will highlight lower APRs on credit cards, loans, and other products that you're eligible for. By using ilumoni you can see and switch to the best rates for you and stop paying interest you could have avoided.

Because there's nothing worse than people who say they'll 'save you money' and then try to take it.

ilumoni will always be free to use and you'll never be bombarded with advertisements or email marketing campaigns.


We’re not a lender, and only make money if you save money, so we never stop searching for bright ideas to help you pay less interest and clear your debt faster.

We know being trusted with your data is a big responsibility, and it’s one we take seriously.
  • Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

  • We do not sell your data to third parties

  • We may use suppliers to help us deliver our service, but we restrict their use of data to what you allow us to do and bind them to European data protection rules and to strict confidentiality

  • You are in control and decide what data to share with the app or not.

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